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Permits MUST be purchased at City Hall to make it legal to keep a vehicle being used or prepared for a demolition derby on property within the City limits. Permit to be picked up and filled out at City Hall. Sample Permit Below.

Junk Vehicle Storage Permit

This permit allows the holder named below to openly store one junk vehicle being used for or prepared for demolition derby use at the address listed below for the period from May 1 to August 1 of Calendar year 20__. This permit shall expire on August 1, 20__.

Vehicle Description

Year of Manufacture_________________________Make________________

Model_________________________Body Type_______________________

Color________________VIN Number_______________________________

Address where vehicle stored:


Bedford, IA 50833

$5.00 Permit Fee paid _________________________________

By signing below the permit holder agrees that he/she has read, understands and consents to the permit terms and conditions of this permit may be punished by nuisance abatement proceedings initiated by the City against the permit holder or by municipal infraction proceeding initiated by the City against the permit holder, which may include a monetary fine not to exceed $750.00 for the first offense and a monetary fine not to exceed $1,000.00 for each subsequent offense.

Permit Holder:____________________ Date:__________________________ 

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