Posted on Monday June 17, 2013

1) Thanks to the girls in City hall for helping me with my questions why I was visiting in town!! I love seeing Friendly Helpful Faces when I am traveling!! Refreshing!! 6/14/2013


2) Kudos to the small town atmosphere and for the most part a friendly little town. 6/14/2013


3) I love the fact that we have a spot to say THANK YOU for a job well done!  So many places and people only want to focus on the BAD things and I think BEDFORD is overflowing with GOOD THINGS! Thanks for another spot to be positive and optimistic! 6/16/2013


4) Thanks so much for allowing us to have the "Red Brick" Show-N-Shine Car Show near the Courthouse and the use of your restrooms. Also appreciated Kenny for having the cones ready and available to block off the streets! Not to mention, Mayor Wyckoff for judging the Mayor's Choice! We really appreciate all of your support! 6/20/2013