Posted on Monday July 06, 2015
The City of Bedford will be conducting a survey of residents living in the community to obtain necessary information needed to apply for a Community Development Block Grant from the State of Iowa. Approximately every other household in the community will be surveyed. Surveys will be included with the July utility bills.
The City is applying for grant funds to help pay for construction of improvements to the water main distribution system. The gr...
ant, if approved, would pay for up to $500,000 of the project cost. A grant, as opposed to a loan, would not have to be paid back by the City.
Grants are very hard to get because there is a lot of competition among communities throughout the state. Only about 25% to 30% of those that apply will actually be awarded a grant. The City of Bedford has been very successful in the past in receiving CDBG funds. To date, this grant program has awarded funds to the City to help finance many past projects, including $500,000 for water main improvements in 2013, $500,000 for wastewater system improvements in 2011, and $400,000 for wastewater treatment improvements in 2000. This financing assistance is a very valuable tool in helping to finance needed infrastructure improvements since the total cost of the project does not have to be paid with water or sewer rates.
Bedford has also been very successful in achieving CDBG grants for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation. The first grant was awarded in 1998 and included 10 homes that received a total investment of over $262,000. The second grant was awarded in 2006 for five homes with an investment of over $185,000. Most recently, the City just wrapped up a $161,000 grant for 4 homes.
The survey will involve 2 questions: 1 question pertains to need for the project, and the other question asks whether the total household income is more or less than a set dollar amount depending on family size. Program guidelines require this information to be a part of each application.
The question about income is very important. The state will be using this information to help determine if people’s income is high enough to be able to afford paying for the entire project with local money or if the community qualifies for assistance in the form of grant funds.
The questionnaires need not to be signed and all information is totally anonymous. The cooperation of residents in completing this survey will be greatly appreciated.