Mayor's Office


The Mayor is elected by the City ’s voters to a two-year term. Responsibilities and powers include:


Chief executive officer of the city and presiding officer of the council. Except for the supervisory duties which have been delegated by law to a city manager, the mayor shall supervise all city officers and departments.




May take command of the police and govern the city by proclamation, upon making a determination that a time of emergency or public danger exists. Within the city limits, the mayor has all the powers conferred upon the sheriff to suppress disorders.




The mayor pro tem is vice president of the council. When the mayor is absent or unable to act, the mayor pro tem shall perform the mayor s duties, except that the mayor pro tem may not appoint, employ, or discharge officers or employees without the approval of the council. Official actions of the mayor pro tem when the mayor is absent or unable to act are legal and binding to the same extent as if done by the mayor. The mayor pro tem retains all of the powers of a council member.


Calls special meetings when deemed necessary.


May veto an ordinance, amendment, or resolution passed by the council within fourteen days of passage and with written explanation of such veto.


Make reports to the council concerning municipal affairs, municipal departments, and recommendations suitable for council action.


Represent the city in negotiations properly entered into in accordance with the law or ordinance unless this duty is specifically delegated to another officer by law, ordinance, or council direction.


Sign contracts on behalf of the city when authorized by the council.


Upon order of the council, secure such specialized and professional services not already available to the city.  In executing the order the Mayor shall act in accordance with the Code of Ordinances and laws of the state.


Sign all licenses and permits granted by the council except those designated by law or ordinance to be issued by another municipal officer.


Issue written order for removal, at public expense, any nuisance for which no person can be found responsible and liable.


Make appropriate provision that duties of any absentee office be carried out during such absence.



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